Consumer Packaged Goods / E-Commerce

Undisclosed Case Study
001 summary

Our client is a dairy-free latte brand that can be found in over 400+ grocery locations nation-wide (some retailers include Whole Foods, Central Market, Pavilions, Mother’s Market and much more). With a vast retail presence, the client wanted to make a bigger impact on their direct to consumer e-commerce website along with their new activation on Amazon.

002 our role
  • Paid Social Media Advertising Strategy using Facebook + Instagram
  • Messaging and content curation
  • Campaign Budget Optimization
003 challenge

Our client had an objective of significant traffic, purchases, and Amazon reviews to their newly launched Amazon Product Page. The secondary challenge was to drive sales to their existing e-commerce website:

001 Website
004 results

Q1 Sales for both Amazon + E-Commerce website

300% Increase from LY

derived from our Paid Social Efforts

60% of Sales

derived from our Paid Social Efforts

240% Over Projections

derived from our Paid Social Efforts


Total Website Visits

$30,000 in Amazon Sales

derived from our Paid Social Efforts

$0 Spent

towards any other digital marketing efforts

for Amazon Launch

0 to 35 Amazon Reviews

with a 4.5 star average

005 Insights

We knew that the following would be the unlock to our success for our client's paid social advertising:

  • Strategic customer segmentation
  • Messaging and copy curation
  • Effective Ad creative
  • Strong promotional offers
  • Enticing Call-To-Actions

We created and activated over 15 segmented audience campaigns, each with over 175 different ad sets for optimal a/b testing. Our campaigns consisted of Geographical Specific audiences, Affinity Interests audiences, Re-marketing, Lookalike audience, and Custom Avatar Audiences based on target demo insights. Through these efforts, we were able to successfully hone in on winning audiences, copy, and creative to bring the most ROI for the client